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Carrots Blood Moon sunray between concrete jungle A man as a dalang playing wayang at the art show A beautiful lily flowers blooming  in the morning A photo of classic wooden guitar against brick wall A landscape of guitar against brick wall An amazing scenery of national monument big clock Gadang A portrait of rocks at sandy beach in the afternoon A beautiful view of seashore with a boat floating on clear water A photo of a flower fall down on a road black and white A plant vines on a wall with water droplets black and white A black and white photo of full moon at night A view of dark night full moon in black and white A portrait of black and white photo butterfly perching on a flower A black and white photo of a spider designing spider web A photo of beautiful red lanterns at a festival in the night An amazing scenery of Candi Borobudur at Magelang Indonesia A portrait of beautiful purple flower with black background A photo of slices of lemon and lime on table A portrait of a bee perching on flower eating nectar A bee perching on a purpler lavender flower in the garden A beautiful pink flowers in the garden Beautiful purple flowers blooming in the spring Blossom purple flower in the garden beautifully A group of crabs swiming in swap together A lonely fly hanging on a leaf alone A construction site planted on sea in day time A white rooster standing on a ground staring at something A cat hiding behind a wall against grasses