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A group of men performing Leang Leong Barongsai at public A portrait of elder wearing traditional clothes A portrait of blue light in the dark smoke Raden Ajeng Kartini Statue Water droplets falling from leaves in the morning Water droplets drop from a leaf An Indonesian crowd of supporters at football stadium Full moon against dark skies at clear night Black clothes hanger hanging on bedroom Water running from tap Water running from tap flowing into bucket Lunar eclipse at night black skies Water running from faucet in bathroom A tire swing for kids in the field A portrait of sunset on the top of hill Light hits leaves at the garden in the afternoon A group of kids studying together reading a book A minimalist plant pot in the room wooden floor Car lights in the night traffic A colony of ant working together as a team walking on the stone A silhouette of man standing behind the sunset A beautiful pink flower at Cipanas Bogor lake. A portrait of couple holding hands bringing child shoes romantic Ancol Bridge A  beautiful red flower at the garden  in the morning Boats view at seashore at sunset beautifully beautiful colorful flower in the graden red frangipani flowers (bunga kamboja merah) Delicious food on the plate at restaurant Beautiful flowers at garden