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A group of men performing Leang Leong Barongsai at public A portrait of blue light in the dark smoke A portrait of  a tree in the centre of rice field at sunset A black and white photograhpy of lake A beautiful landscape seashore with boats park at the beach Water droplet on the edge of the leaf blurred background Water droplets on the edge of a leaf at sunset A fisherman bringing spearfishing at seashore A fisherman fishing at seashore using spear Amazing view form hill cloudy sky Light hits leaves at the garden in the afternoon A minimalist plant pot in the room wooden floor Sunrise at Cukul Pengalengan Bandung Ancol Bridge A beautiful sunset view at The cape of North Jakarta A beautiful sunrise view at Ancol beach Jakarta A landscape of the sea at sunset beautifully A landscape of seashore at sunrise beautifully Boats view at seashore at sunset beautifully Amazing beach view in the morning with boats parking at seashore beautiful colorful flower in the graden A Man Looking Back At The Beach Wearing Bag Beautiful sea plants in the deep sea A man diving in the sea wearing goggles Nets with blurry sunset background sparkling lights Amazing sky view at sunrise A bee on the plant in the garden green leaf Indonesian kids sitting playing together on the bridge Old rustic fishing boat in the beach A portrait of traditional fishing boat in the beach