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DSC3628 DSC9827 Bedhaya Bedhah Madiun DSC0362 DSC0360 Fall on the road Grow on the wall Full Moon 1 Full Moon 2 Spider Red Lanterns Baby days out Baby Surfer Rainbow Baby Ir Soekarno IMG20180711121555393 IMG20180830195036 Plants grow vine on the abandoned wall all over the window A portrait of abandoned window with plants grow vine the wall A photo of abandoned window with plant grows vine on the wall A photo of warning sign on the wall black and white Reflection of people White round window house design ventilation with iron bars Black and white photography of a park under the bridge A portrait of funerals with cloudy sky black and white Falling flower on the road black and white photography Raw seafood dishes fish and shrimp ready to cook A portrait of slices of meat on the kitchen A beautiful landscape view of mountain at  sunrise A portrait of Raden Ajeng Kartini  statue at public park