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The Garuda flying banner Prambanan temple Indonesia Full Of Light Inside The Mosque In The Night A photo of beautiful red lanterns at a festival in the night A girl wearing hijab staring at something against backlight A hijab girl wearing burqa sitting in the garden A beautiful hijab girl wearing burqa against green trees in the garden Outdoor view at Mosque of Central Java Indonesia in the afternoon Indonesian People are ready to pray together Beautiful dawn at the beach early morning Indonesian man praying in mosque together Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah - Great Mosque of Central Java An amzing church sculpture Maria statue in the cave Someone praying to Jesus christ and Maria statue A historical portrait of cathedral curch in Indonesia Beautiful Indonesian Hijab Girl posing pretty on the building rooftop Beautiful Indonesian woman wearing hijab  Maria statue in Indonesian church An inside view of church architecture An image of famous religious statue at Buntu Burake Jesus blessing statue in Buntu Burake Great Mosque of Central Java in Indonesia Great Mosque of Central Java in Indonesia Old Man Grey Hair Praying Kneels in Church an old man wearing a cap smoke squatting at the foot of the mountain two little dolls of santa clause and a little snow ball in the Cristhmas situations Great Mosque Tuban