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Beautiful dawn at the beach early morning A man ready to bake Kaastengels Indonesian cheese cookie Indonesian man baking traditional cheese cookies Indonesian girl cooking chocolate cereal cookies Indonesian girl packing Eid Fitr cookies Lovely old rustic black oven Tasty traditional cookies Indonesian biscuit Artistic Lamp Design Unique Abstract In The Room Beautiful Green Cactus Flowers In The Pot Colorful Stone IMG20180209201315 Lawang Sewu in Indonesia a yellow cat laying on the blue floor under wooden table Warm lights Radio Old on the white table several house at the foot of mountain in white black colour The Star trail a shack house in the sea close to the beach in the afternoon A Little Girl Waiting and Looking Outside of Her Home latchs of  windows Traditional Homestay Indonesia Mentawai several women sitting on the floor smilling look up to the camera in the office A child learns to write in front of his house Seashells in a Bottle Door Handle an open book on the stairs taken in black white colour