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Sad Girl Sitting Alone in a Corner An Old Book on the Ground An Open Book at the Top of the Stairs Old Photography Books in Black and White Shabby Flipflops in Black and White Broken Pots in Black and White an old man Painting flower on the white Umbrella Colorful Umbrella Warm lights A cup of coffe in love and a glass of water on the wooden table Eggshell and Coins the blue bokeh's light a hand turn on the matches in the dark The Star trail Lantern on a Stack of Wood Old Ballet Shoes on a Chair Ballet Shoes on a Chair in Black and White Roses in a Vase on a Book bokeh's light in the mirror visitors watching borobudur temple with lamp decoration in the night showing of mask puppets indonesian in the afternoon the silhouette of giant ferish wheel in the sunset the silhouette of children playing swing on the pool steering wheel of the classic car wooden interior steering wheel of the classic car wooden interior bokeh light in the night Snail and raining silhouette picture of a bird perching on dead twigs a traditional Indonesian mask in gray colorful bokeh lamps