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Sunset Fishermen Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah - Great Mosque of Central Java Tambun market in Indonesia Indonesian old man selling ice boat at the street VIETNAM DRIP Shabby Flipflops in Black and White Broken Pots in Black and White two brown wooden seats and painting in the clean sidewalks the picture of night traffic in shutter speed under the bridge in the night Crowded Street two young people with white shirt and black pants riding bicycle in the traffic The light of night night busy traffic In Indonesia shot from above with low shutter speed a police man holding his phone standing looking at the camera and two young man walking behind on a street in Indonesia in the afternoon An Indonesian Man in Orange Suit and Black Hat Sweeping the Street in afternoon a street painter sitting  painting something on the roadside in afternoon An Indonesian Man Sell Cotton Candy on the Small Stall at The Street this is sign on the street a pedicab driver waiting for passengers Laksa is a typical food of one city in Indonesia that is very delicious Old Indonesian Man with Becak waiting for passengers in the market the statue of ondel ondel with red mask and blue clothes on the street in afternoon Fun Competition Using Balloons During Indonesia Independence Day A Red City Mini Bus in Jakarta Called Metromini Welcome to Batam Giant Sign on a Forest Hill, Wide View Photo Smoke on the car in the middle of the street behind of Kopaja