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Indonesian traditional market The man do extreme job Indonesian rickshaw man waiting for the customer Rickshaw Indonesian transportation silhouette of hard working men Selling vegetables at Floating market Businessman wear black shirt red tie holding red laptop The new employee has been received in the office A cup of cioccolata calda con panna Indonesian traders selling vegetables on floating boat in river Indonesian fisherman are rowing boats to find some fish OLD WOMAN MAKING CABUK RAMBAK AS INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL FOOD PEOPLE MAKING A BLACK CUP OF LATTE ART MAN SELLING WEDANG RONDE IN THE STREET AS INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL FOOD VIETNAM DRIP a man holding seeing a orange folder with his left hand and holding his chin with his left hand at the office the face of indonesian man wearing glasses in black shirt and red tie a man with glasses wearing black shirt and red tie pointing something with his left hand and his right hand holding a phone a man with glasses wearing black shirt and red tie getting called and dizzy  holding his head SAM6821 a man smilling giving sign "loser" with his finger" a young man wearing black shirt, red tie and glasses giving sign "OKE" with his finger an indonesian man with glasses wearing black shirt and red tie taking selfie with his silver phone