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a big white cat walking on the grass in the backyard red rose flower in the water Tourist are Hiking on a Long Stairs at Mount Bromo several children praying in hinduism in Bali a man using a ladder to climbing an old ship in the afternoon the circles stairs of building from above A Welcome Statue One Single Temple Three Indonesian Men Walking at Running Track After Exercising a hand's girl  with red snail holding a red flower a hand with a pink nail holding a flower a hand's girl with green snail holding a leaf an open book on the stairs taken in black white colour A Violin on its Black Bag on A Stair adorable kitten on the old sofa a bridge like a ladder in the middle of the beach parking area in a building a gray cat on the wooden seat in front of the house An Old Bicycle Park At the Bottom of the Stairs at Night garlic, red onion, cayenne red pepper and ginger in black a girl with Retro Fashion sitting on a wooden table at the cafe  a stair in a building of University of Indonesia from above