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a yellow cat laying on the blue floor under wooden table pelabuhan pototano amazing ijen crater View Bukit Pergasingan Lombok A Beautiful Indonesian Woman Smiling Holding Up Her Hands Covering Face Dazzled by Sunshine in Garden a indonesian handsome guy smilling on his blue vespa on the street in afternoon Cheerful generation Indonesian farmers plow fields with cows accopanied by beloved wife Indonesian Farmers feed the fish on freshwater fish cages Indonesian Farmers work on lake to fix freshwater fish cages A relaxed white Tiger with his friend in the forest with beautiful scenery Traveling up the mountain with horses in the beautiful mountain of Bromo Indonesia Indonesian boy learns to run the cows by his brother spirit Deer is alone to find a friend in Shandy forest white clouds in the blue sky in the day bokeh light of a grass Lonely Woman Wearing A Hat Sitting Alone In A Park Under A Tree In The Afternoon