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A girl holding lamps decoration in the dark place A girl with glasses in the dark place holding decorative lamp A girl with glasses holding lamp decoration in dark place A portrait of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium at night beautifully The only tree that standing in that place three doves perching on the roof of the house in the afternoon an indonesian woman teenager thinking holding a book and a pen a farmer shepherding cows in the middle of the rice field in afternoon tourist visiting castle in the afternoon visitors watching borobudur temple with lamp decoration in the night two women and behind them there is a man walk playing smartphone on the street in afternoon cigarette ashtray full with cigarette butt a sign stop at Transjakarta shelter A Welcome Statue One Single Temple The happines between a father wearing glasses and his son playing, joking each other  at the restaurant Indonesian man wearing hat black sitting and singing with accordion in his hand MG9786 an old man indonesian wearing black hat and batik cutting tempe in traditional market in the afternoon buffalo hordes back to the cage in the afternoon An Old White Building with Indonesia Flag on it The traditional Kecak dance show Kathedral church in jakarta a man try to Finding a signal to his phone in parking area a window from traditional house in Indonesia a man standing between two cows racing in traditional art "pacu jawi" in west sumatera in afternoon Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi Indonesia