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selfie puppet show three male puppets are performing in an event funny action punakawan ballerina are performing on stage in an event a thousand hands compact a female puppet holding a phone taking selfie picture with five other female puppets in an event      Indonesian women play dj on stage instruments  a pair of ondel ondel statues in a building in jakarta Indonesia Beautiful Indonesian Woman Reog Dance at Bali Traditional Ceremony Crowded People on The Street Watching A Big Traditional Doll With Human Inside from Jakarta, Indonesia Called Ondel-Ondel a girl from the back wearing red jacket and black pants standing in the middle of jungle with fog an indonesian sexy woman hoding sniper near jeat and custom motorcyle in the afternoon An Indonesian Man Holding  a Percussion Instrument Made From Animal Skin a man wearing box shirt smiling holding playing guitar at the band studio four fighter planes making formations in the blue sky .a man jumping holding Indonesian flag at the top of the mountain