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selfie puppet show three male puppets are performing in an event funny action punakawan ballerina are performing on stage in an event a thousand hands compact a female puppet holding a phone taking selfie picture with five other female puppets in an event a girl wearing jeans jacket smile holding smartphone in the playground in afternoon gymnastics of women in the courtyard on sunday morning two women and behind them there is a man walk playing smartphone on the street in afternoon Culture of Bali dance Topeng Prembon Indonesian women play dj on stage instruments  a pair of ondel ondel statues in a building in jakarta Indonesia the statue of ondel ondel with red mask and blue clothes on the street in afternoon Beautiful Indonesian Woman Reog Dance at Bali Traditional Ceremony three children enjoying the sunset have fun together on the beach a hand with watches in the bokeh's light in the night a big Cepot doll in an festival on the street a man directing a gun in black white picture a girl from the back wearing red jacket and black pants standing in the middle of jungle with fog some students getting shock when open the book in a dark room a pair of lovers are standing holding a lamp lantern looking each other in camping situations in the night a girl wearing black dress standing in the smoke of the dark