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Stay healthy Mix of Fruits on the wooden table healthy food a glass of juice and fruits on the table a Red daisy flower of Madagascar Periwinkinle and a half of pink daisy flower in the garden fresh vegetables and a fly in traditional Indonesian mark in the afternoon fresh tomatoes in traditional Indonesian market fresh bananas on the Indonesian traditional market watermelons ready to sell  in the traditional market Indonesian street food Pisang Molen ready to sell spices Raw Peanuts are Displayed on a Tray at Indonesia Traditional Market Garlic on a wooden table Eggs in a bowl on a wooden table to making a cake gravel in the afternoon a hand's girl with green snail holding a leaf Onion, Chili, Eggplant, Tomato and Celery on Rustic Background, Close Photo Berry tree in the garden orange juice on a bottle red wine in white background a sprig of wine in black background a woman bride wearing yellow dress sitting in the garden of temple under the shine a green leaf between dry leaves in the jungle red withered Flowerdens in the garden eating together on a banana leaf Insonesian food "nasi tibel" coins money of Rupiah garlic, red onion, Cayenne pepper and tomato are spices of kitchen garlic, red onion, cayenne red pepper and ginger in black Fresh cauliflower  in the traditional market