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Shabby Flipflops in Black and White a hand of a doctor hoding  smarthphone and  her equipment  on the blue table Indonesian doctor holding a tablet computer wearing stethoscope an old man Painting flower on the white Umbrella Colorful Umbrella Purple Bougenville Radio Old on the white table Blooming Red Happiness in a Box Colorful Macaroons Ice Cream Waffle Italian Gelato Classic Violin Old Ballet Shoes on a Chair Ballet Shoes on a Chair in Black and White An Indonesian man holding camera ready to taking picture i a blue broom hanging on the blue wall at home a locked door with a padlock Indonesian traditional stove white bucket full of water belonging a paddle a water tap that color has fading Indonesian flag in the blue sky Indonesian flag  fluttering in the blue sky a indonesian man wearing black white shoes and black pants walking  on the sidewalk in afternoon outbound instructions in a building indonesia special food empek empek palembang ready to eat after  fried a traditional Indonesian mask in gray black Slipper on the street Smoke on the car in the middle of the street behind of Kopaja