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Full Of Light Inside The Mosque In The Night A landscape of Istiqlal mosque at Jakarta, Indonesia A landscape of mosque yard in the morning Outdoor view at Mosque of Central Java Indonesia in the afternoon Indonesian man praying in mosque together Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah - Great Mosque of Central Java Great Mosque of Central Java in Indonesia Great Mosque of Central Java in Indonesia Great Mosque Tuban the scenery of a mosque in the rice fields and mountain in highland dome mosque in the sky sunset Jakarta a big pool in front of the Mousque, Annur the scenery of big Mosque "Raya Padang" in the afternoon a woman bride wearing hijab standing in the light of the sun in the front yard on the mosque a woman bride wearing yellow hijab and blue dress standing and smilling  in the mosque a woman bride standing in the frontyard of Mosque in hijab style a woman bride wearing yello hijab with blue dress standing in the front yard of the mosque beautiful mosque and sunset on the beach a moeslim couple reading the Qur'an together after pray in the Mosque Masjid Cheng Ho, Gowa