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A photo of slices of lemon and lime on table Delicious sweets drinks with fruits and choco ice cream A glass soda with a slice of lemon Mix of Fruits on the wooden table healthy food a glass of juice and fruits on the table a pair of orange butterflies in the garden in afternoon a beautiful butterfly on the flower watermelons ready to sell  in the traditional market indonesia special food empek empek palembang ready to eat after  fried Indonesian traditional cake "Getuk" ready to eat in the traditional market brownies and lemon leaves on a wooden table Breakfast Eggs in a bowl on a wooden table to making a cake ice cream a yellow snail standing on the turtle that swimming on the swamp in the afternoon a woman bride wearing yellow dress sitting in the garden of temple under the shine a yellow butterfly perching on a flower in the rain fried tempe readi to eat with a glass of tea on the table An Indonesian Cuisine Called Ketupat on a Plate Served when Eid Al-Fitr Insonesian food "nasi tibel"  a colorful butterfly "papilio domelus" perching on a flower piece of colorful cakes at cup on the mirror table