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a passport above a agenda book besides of wrist watch on the wooden table a brown frog on the leaf A green frog on the gray leaf a small green white frog perching on a small wooden branch in the jungle Frog,Dumpy Frog, Frog,Dumpy Frog, small turtle in the swamp Little Frog on The Leave of The Jungle a green snake potrait backround black a green frog on a banana leaf in the garden in afternoon Hello friend old books neatly arranged in black white picture An Open Old Book Above Stack of Books some ancient Books an indonesian sexy woman hoding sniper near jeat and custom motorcyle in the afternoon a green big frog perching on the back of small turtle Dumpy  Frog, kodok Pesek Dumpy  Frog, kodok Pesek Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus Coronatus) Two Green Dumpy Tree Frogs Stick to The Dried Leaf, Close Photo a woman breeder holding her little daughter on a goat farm in black white pictures a female student riding a motorcycle with one rear view motor Flies Making Love on a leaf in the rain Two Wooden Beach Chairs on Seashore Towards the Sea a frog on the banana leaf in the jungle four fighter planes making formations in the blue sky