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disguising of a green grasshopper on leaves in the jungle sunset views from the bush mountain scenery with the people who camping from long distance in the afternoon a beautiful butterfly on the flower a green frog on a banana leaf in the garden in afternoon black rat snake views of beautiful mountain and the bright blue sky in indonesia in afternoon several people who camping in the mountain's scenery in afternoon Indonesian mountain climbers very close with cloud at the top of the mountain in the morning a climber and the sunlight from between forest a green pupa before turning into a butterfly a hand's girl with green snail holding a leaf a yellow blossom flower in the garden a young man holding a woman bag and bringing the camera walking in the middle of the large plains a brown  iguana on a  wooden branches the silhouette of forest and light of sunset a brown grasshopper on a leaf in the park in afternoon the scenery of indonesian forest from above in the afternoon five farmers in the middle of the rice fields in the morning the scenery of misty mountain tops big rocks and fallen tree in the clean river in the forest a fly on a leaf teo dragonfly making love in the swamp a brown beetle on a leaf  a colorful butterfly "papilio domelus" perching on a flower bursts of waves on the rocky beach dew on a stem a frog on the banana leaf in the jungle an indonesian young man with glasses wearing jacket standing in the middle of the rice fields Sun Flower