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A group of kids studying together reading a book Lovely old rustic black oven An image of a book and a lantern on a stone Pretty Indonesian girl sitting on a stone reading red book wearing white dress Beautiful Indonesian Girl sitting on the edge of Streamflow reading book alone An Old Book on the Ground An Open Book at the Top of the Stairs Old Photography Books in Black and White a hand of a doctor touching the monitor of smartphone  shaking hands between a female docter wearing white blazer and her patient  a young girl wearing orange shirt getting shock when look at to her wristwatch an indonesian woman teenager thinking holding a book and a pen a passport above a agenda book besides of wrist watch on the wooden table Roses in a Vase on a Book candid picture of beautiful fashionable woman Indonesia sitting in the afternoon The boy in the uniform was reading a book under a tree A child learns to write in front of his house an open book on the stairs taken in black white colour old books neatly arranged in black white picture An Open Old Book Above Stack of Books some ancient Books An Indonesian Boy Sitting and Writing in a Book on The Wooden Table  With A Black Pen, View Over Shoulder children in elementary school some students getting shock when open the book in a dark room old Book