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A Beautiful View of Colorful Kampung Pelangi A Girl Walking Down on Stairs A baby on photo session with a feeding bottle against colorful rainbow background A bowl of milled rice on a table Famous spicy noodle soup traditional cuisine noodle Healthy food smoothies fruit bowl A photo of a fish inside a bowl aquarium INDONESIAN MAN SELLING WEDANG RONDE IN THE STREET AS INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL FOOD Chicken Adobo Breakfast Package  a teenager wearing orange shirt enjoying the music through black headset Stay healthy a yellow canary in a cage white bucket full of water belonging a paddle crowded city with rainbow In Jakarta with skyline in the afternoon watermelons ready to sell  in the traditional market Indonesian traditional cake "Getuk" ready to eat in the traditional market bokeh love's light in the night bokeh stars's bokeh light in the night two green canaries facing each other in the cage spices Raw Peanuts are Displayed on a Tray at Indonesia Traditional Market A Man waiting for customers in PASTY Market (Traditional  market selling and buy animals) Bantul, Yogyakarta a beautiful parrot in the forest of Indonesia in afternoon Street light bokeh with Retro Color in the night a little girl smilling in the bokeh light Eggs in a bowl on a wooden table to making a cake A cup of breakfast tea and newspaper on a wooden table