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Street decoration ornaments with lamps and flags A landscape of mosque yard in the morning People gathering at Indonesian festival convoy Unique architecture in white black photography tourist visiting castle in the afternoon visitors watching borobudur temple with lamp decoration in the night Indonesian flag in the blue sky Indonesian flag  fluttering in the blue sky An Old White Building with Indonesia Flag on it A Red And White Indonesian Flag  Waving At Flagpole In Clear Blue Sky the silhouette of woman standing under the light of the sun in park a man sit looking to the sky on the track run in tha stadium's football in afternoon silhouette of traditional house Minangkabau west sumatera Indonesia in sunrise THREE CHILDREN SMILE TO DISTRIBUTE THE INDONESIAN FLAG THREE SMALL CHILDREN HOLD THE INDONESIAN FLAG TWO SMALL CHILDREN HOLD THE INDONESIAN FLAG TWO SMALL CHILDREN HOLD THE INDONESIAN FLAG TWO SMALL CHILDREN HOLD THE INDONESIAN FLAG Four Boys Waving Indonesian Flag and in Salute Gesture in The Middle of Rice Field SMALL CHILDREN IN THE FOREST the silhouette of some men standing at the building looking to the scenery from above An Indonesian Girl Wearing Red and White Uniform and Black Hat As Flag Hoisting Troop Giving a Salute in The Middle of The Street Colorful basket arena of School a little boy playing by himself in the field sunset on the beach among coconut tree An Indonesian School Hall and Students in Elementary School Doing Flag Ceremony, Mountain View Two Groups of Marching Boys Wearing Orange and Black Uniform and Yellow Hat Lead by Two Boys Holding Indonesian Flag At The Street