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A lonely fly hanging on a leaf alone Two Indonesian man playing musical instrument A beautiful view of a beach at sunset some men showing KUDA LUMPING in the middle of society in an event in the afternoon a hand of a doctor hoding  smarthphone and  her equipment  on the blue table Indonesian doctor holding a tablet computer wearing stethoscope a hand of a doctor touching the monitor of smartphone  a girl with black long hair yawning on the red sofa a passport above a agenda book besides of wrist watch on the wooden table sunset views from the bush a woman farmer picking chili in the fields a monkey wearing mask playing with toy motorcycle called "topeng Monyet"  in the afternoon a pair sitting on the tire seat taking wefie  in the playground in afternoon an old father fishing in the river standing on the bridge in afternoon a pair of orange butterflies in the garden in afternoon Indonesian candle lanterns festival in the night sky An Indonesian Boy Wearing Pink Headset, Listening To the Music from His Phone used roof tiles a blue broom hanging on the blue wall at home a locked door with a padlock Indonesian traditional stove white bucket full of water belonging a paddle a water tap that color has fading beautifil sunset on the beach In Bali the silhouette of giant ferish wheel in the sunset the circles stairs of building from above plants on the old wooden cart on the roadside party of yellow colour run in the morning