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three doves perching on the roof of the house in the afternoon infrastructure development near the river two small siblings wearing blue shirt laughing together in the playground in afternoon bokeh's light in the mirror a sign board evacuation area wheel of blue Classic vespa parking on the street a green white classic motorcycle parking on the roadside  a indonesian man wearing black white shoes and black pants walking  on the sidewalk in afternoon fresh fish in traditional Indonesian market crowded city with rainbow In Jakarta with skyline in the afternoon outbound instructions in a building food carts "chiker bandung'' on the roadside bokeh stars's bokeh light in the night a girl wearing traditional clothing  in festival  traditional indonesia in the afternoon a small fire in the dry leaves in the dark night the miniatur of a yellow jeep in the rocks region the silhouette of city buildings and the river in sunset Street light bokeh with Retro Color in the night Kota Tua region in jakarta in the day a window from traditional house in Indonesia city park in indonesia in the afternoon ancient buildings with indonesian's flag on the roadside a hand's girl  with red snail holding a red flower a hand's girl with green snail holding a leaf the light fireworks at night the silhouette of forest and light of sunset a hand with watches in the bokeh's light in the night fly over in the dusk with sunset's glow